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Character Name: Soundwave

Character Canon: Transformers Prime Shattered Glass

Age: Soundwave is the youngest official officer on the ship. Not the youngest soldier, but definitely the youngest officer, and very young to be third in command.

Race: Cybertronian

Timeline Change Point: In Shattered Glass, there is a major difference between the two canons. The polarities have been switched, and therefore, the personalities and sides have been switched.

The Decepticons are now the brave, caring, dedicated team that protects the galaxy from the dangerous and violent Autobot threat. Megatron is a loving and kind leader, charming if somewhat stern.

Optimus is unpredictable and violent, insane and mad with power.

World: There was a war on Cybertron. Decepticons warred against the Autobots, each vying for control over the planet. While the Decepticons preached peace, unity and the right to free will for every sentient being, the Autobots only viewed the universe as a potential conquest, and believed that Cybertronians should assert themselves as the dominant race.

Optimus Prime, once a mere data clerk, gone mad with power, poisoned Cybertron, and the planet died, forcing a mass exodus from the planet. The Decepticon flagship, the Nemesis, followed Prime's ship to earth, where the Autobots had to make an emergency landing in Nevada, their ship ruined. They took over a former government HQ, once defunct, and turned it into their own head quarters, shielded from Soundwave's attempts to locate them.

Thus, the war raged on, Optimus working against the Decepticons in a desperate bid to revitalize Cybertron, by converting earth itself into a second one, and destroying all organic life as they knew it on the planet.

The Decepticons, lead by Megatron, a former friend of the now maddened Prime, are left to defend earth as best they can, though the Autobots have greater forces, and are far more fit to earths terrain. With his loyal second, Starscream, and his eager and vivacious third, Soundwave, they face the Autobots head on, safe in the knowledge that they fight for a just and noble cause. Though humanity may not be entirely aware of them, the knowledge that they are preserving the life and freedom of a planet is all that they need.

History: Soundwave was one of the last few Cybertronians created before Cybertron went dark. While not exactly the very last, he's still quite young. For a neigh eternal race of sentient giant robots. He was quickly recognized as being brilliant from a very young age, easily memorizing complex lines of mathematics and numbers, hacking seemingly secure frequencies with little trouble, creating viruses (and cures for them) just to pass the time, with a photographic memory and a strange knack for guessing what was running through a mechs mind.

He was born into a relatively higher caste, but that hardly meant that he spent his entire life being professors favorite in the academy. Not because he was Too Cool For School, but because he got so easily bored, loved attention, and had a vast network of things to play with. For a short time, he sold his skills as a hacker to anyone who wanted to pay the credits for it, spending money for mods and upgrades to his frame. He was sparked with the tentacles, but the mask came at a late point in his life, a creation of his own imagination. On the off chance that his processor would ever lag or forget something, the visor would simply act as a backup to that, and as a sort of USB for more data, constantly linked up to his own cerebral units. The ability to create ground bridges at will was also added around this wild hacking era, and he got very good at learning how to make an entrance.

To be young and dumb.

The first mech that ever managed to out-think Soundwave was Megatron, his maths professor in the last vorn of his time at the academy. It was not for lack of trying, Soundwave pulled out every stop to try and pull one over on him. Every attempt at a hack was met with a more complex series of numbers to decode, every motion to pick through his processor was just met by a greater firewall. He was the first mech ever to be truly unpredictable to Soundwave. And rather than be galled by it, he was astounded. He'd never thought he'd meet an intellectual equal. When he graduated from the academy, he promised Megatron that if he ever needed his skills, he'd have them.

And as it turned out, shortly after he left the academy, they were needed. Thrown headfirst into war with no idea how to fight or use a gun, he was forced to spend his credits on kitting himself out with a sword at first, then begrudgingly and fearfully allowing his minis, Laserbeak, Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble, to have weapons of their own. They were close to his ember, and he was at loathe to ever send them out, so most of the time they'd remain on the ship and hack signals from there.

But not everything could be done from a distance. Though Laserbeak was fine for flyovers, he eventually had to let Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy in to obtain necessary intel. He was so sure that since they were so small, they'd go unnoticed. They were barely past eight feet at their biggest, surely no one would ever notice them?

But war is Hell. One day, the minis didn't come back from a mission. Soundwave had to be forcibly kept in the Nemesis for his own safety, as he would most certainly go tearing after them blindly. Something the Autobots fully expected. And when the expected delivery of one spy master never happened... The Nemesis started getting deliveries.

They'd find things. At first just fingers. Then legs and arms. A piece of chassis here and there, an optic over here. When Rumble's head was sent back, Soundwave finally managed to break free of the Nemesis, wild and desperate to save any mini that might be left. Instead, he was captured. No one quite knows what happened inside Iacon during the days Soundwave was locked there. There was a massive attack to free him, and when the finally did, the only mini Soundwave had left was Laserbeak. During an interrogation, Ratchet had nearly muted the Decepticon Communications Chief, and the resulting injury and repairs left his voice sounding warped. His attempts to fix it left it sounding modulated and autotuned, but honestly, he'd take the autotune over sounding like... that.

It's been a few million years since then, and now that the Decepticons are stations on earth, Soundwave rarely leaves the ship for any reason.

Recently, out of dire necessity, he left to gather intelligence at a point near a factory. This is where he'll be taken from.

Personality: He literally, honestly, seriously never shuts up. And you wouldn't either, if you were constantly hooked up to the internet. He runs his mouth twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, to anyone that will listen to him. Mostly it's Megatron, who finds his young third's energy and intelligence to be charming, but everyone else is either annoyed by his constant chatter (Knock Out) or amused by it (Starscream). Since he lost most of his minis, he gets lonely very, very often, and since he's usually the only one on the ship, save for their medic, Knock Out, he usually doesn't have a lot of people to talk to.

He's very high energy, constantly moving from place to place. Since he's so committed to memorizing every detail of everything, in case it might be useful later, he has to at least touch everything once. This has earned him an on and off ban from the medbay, so he's usually left to terrorize the bridge.

When he isn't playing around online on various websites and pretending to be a twenty one year old hipster dude from New York, he's working. Actually he does both at the same time, because if he was only doing one or the other, he'd get bored. He constantly has to be occupied with something, and for someone with an intelligence as powerful as Soundwave's, with an energy level as high as Soundwave's... well... boredom leads to terrible things.

like projecting a Max Headroom holo across human TV and talking gibberish for two minutes

He's very socially awkward, however. He isn't shy at all, but he simply has no idea how a normal mech would act. He spent most of his life hacking frequencies alone with his minis for company, or sitting inside a classroom. He had almost no real life friends before the war, despite being friendly. He's just... awkward, and makes awkward jokes and awkward laughs, and awkward movements and everything about him is just painfully awkward. He's not even that particularly graceful, as he frequently gets distracted by his work and is moderately well known for walking into walls and other mechs.

He also is well aware that he's brilliant, and is slightly arroga-Very arrogant. Not to the point of being a prick, but he'll definitely jump any any chance to prove that he's a genius. After all, when you're called a genius your whole life, you start to believe it.

Soundwave is somewhat bothered by the fact that he's so much more different than the average Cybertronian. No one else sports tentacles, or possesses the same telepathic power he does, and sometimes he'll let slip, mostly in an effort to appear dangerous and frightening, that he's a 'freak'.

He's also deeply sensitive about his voice, and in moments of high emotion, his voicebox will malfunction and short out, causing either mechanical squealing or static. Talking about any dead mini will usually illicit such a response from him, and he'll become very, very upset if the subject cannot be changed.

Otherwise, he's a ridiculously upbeat, hyper, eager 'Con, and even though his fighting may not be top notch, he's still dead certain he's irreplaceable on the team.

Powers/Abilities: ((Robot) Telepathy: If you are a robot, Soundwave can try to read your mind. It's very invasive and he's not perfect at it. He's decent enough to get general ideas about a person, but he's deduced that the only way he'd ever be really good at it is if he deleted 'unimportant' subroutines. Like his emotions. No thank you.

Tentacles: He has two! They can be used for direct uplinks to transfer data, as well as digging and boring tools. They can also deliver a nasty shock, and he can deploy them and wield them hard enough to crack cement. His aim sucks tho, stay back.

Minis: Laserbeak, his second pair of eyes and ears. He has a direct, telepathic link with Laserbeak, and sees things as his mini sees them when he is deployed. Because of the sheer power of Soundwave's mental capabilities, he can easily split himself up enough to control Laserbeak and do his thing on his own.

Hacking: He's a pro, and he has yet to find a firewall outside of Megatron that can out pace him.

Flight: Soundwave transforms into an MQ-9 Reaper drone. An ugly white and blue one that everyone can see. He's not changing the color.

Sword: His single weapon that he spent his credits on to get. He barely knows how to use it and if he cycles it out, it's just to look like he's tough so he can escape.

Visor: His backup memory and the center of his ability to create ground bridges. He can use the visor as a mobile computer and camera, able to take pictures and video as well as access the internet and radio frequencies. He can also use it to totally wipe his hard drives and crash himself into a coma but why would he ever do that.

Inventory: Visor: As stated above.

Laserbeak: Also stated above.

Writing Samples (These should be stand-alone samples. You may re-use samples from other applications you have written, but we will not be accepting links to previous threads/museboxes/dear-mun posts or other such things. The samples should be visible on your app.)

First Person Sample: I got a question! Actually like.. multiple questions. Five?

First of all, who's a doctor? No big deal, just totally, randomly curious about doctors.

Second, how much energon is too much energon? No reason, just medical curiosity!

Third, if you make your own high grade, is it more or less likely to explode? Not that I'm exploding high grade. ... Or making it. Just... asking.

Forth! If in the case that you did, actually, drink a lot of home made high grade and maybe sort of accidentally did some stuff, hypothetically speaking, what is the least illegal thing you could do?

Fifth, I'm not doing anything this Friday, is there um... someone... else who... also is totally not doing anything? Because I have a really cool idea for a science project.

Third Person Sample: It was weird, not constantly being on the Nemesis anymore. No Megatron or... Starscream or anyone he recognized. Oh! He found people like them, but they were... different. Uncomfortably different. He didn't recognize Knock Out or Breakdown at all. ... That was kind of where his knowledge of everyone ended, everyone else was just a Cybertronian. He tried as hard as he could to be friendly though. No sense in locking himself away now, he knew he'd just get antsy and difficult if he sat inside all day and did nothing.

But still most days were, more often than not, just sitting inside somewhere and doing mental exercises. He'd made so many artistic fractal patterns now his busy screen looked like a stained glass window. He'd upgraded his mask as many times as he could, as high as he could get it, and he still wasn't happy. He spent hours circling Haven as a plane, taking pictures, going back, taking the picture apart and then piecing it back together again. Mindless things. He was so used to doing everything, and now here he was with... nothing. Before the war he had least had a network to work on, minis to talk to, employers to hack things for.

No one needed him to do anything here.

He felt... painfully useless. He didn't know how to put a mech back together again, he didn't know anything about humans, he didn't know how to fight or anything, and he wasn't entirely sure he should be asking this Breakdown to teach him how to spar.

He might actually get hurt, and he was... kind of a huge baby about getting hurt.

For the millionth time that day, he removed his mask and tinkered with it, Laserbeak detached and sitting not too far from him.

"I mean, it's not like it's hard to talk to someone. I talk all the time! I could really just go out and just talk to someone all day! Isn't that how you make friends?" Laserbeak, of course, said nothing.

"I'm sure they made a book about it somewhere. A data pad or... something. A friend making program? I can make friends online, why is it so hard in real life?" There was an aggravated sigh as he popped the mask back on again.

"Someone needs to make an app for this."


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